Seed & Feed

Gigs, events, and photos of Atlanta’s Seed & Feed Marching Abominable

Piccolo Spoleto

Piccolo Spoleto meets the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable!

Pictures from the Children’s Parade, Pajama March, and Custom House Concert are posted in the gallery.

Seed & Feed Goes to the Dogs!

The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable goes to the dogs to lend support to the Atlanta Humane Society’s 19th Annual Pet Parade and serenade both the two and four legged walkers as they kick off the event. From the Atlanta Humane Society’s website:

The 19th annual Pet Parade – A Walk for Animals is one of Atlanta Humane Society’s largest annual fundraisers. Supporters and animal lovers have been participating in Pet Parade for 18 years! Last year’s event raised $250,000 – a portion of which is funding an adoption program that placed over 5,300 animals into loving homes in 2008.

If you’d like to help the Atlanta Humane Society you can donate at this link.

You can view the galley here.

Seed & Feed at Honk! or Better Late Than Never

So just to balance things out a bit here are a few pictures from Honk! 2008. I don’t want to skew the average too much by posting the 35th pictures only a day after the gig.

I hope to have the rest of the Honk! pictures up soon if real life doesn’t get in the way, but if today is any indication it may be a few weeks. Don’t you just love work! Oh well I have to make some money so that I can take the time to enjoy the band!

For those of you considering going to Honk! 2009 I hope the pictures will encourage you to make the trip up. Rob and I had a blast and enjoyed every bit of the trip. Ok, well the drive back was a bear after the long weekend but it was certainly worth it.

Seed & Feed 35th Anniversary at Inman Park

Believe it or not I posted these pictures the day after the gig, yeah I know this is setting a new record for me so to balance thinks out a bit I posted some of the pictures from last year’s Honk!. So if you average the two I’m looking at about six months between gig and posting. Hmm, … I think that still sets a record!

Pictures for the 35th Anniversary include a few from Friday night, the parade, and the second stand still. Sorry no pictures for the first stand still I was carrying Drew’s equipment for the panorama shot and didn’t want to leave it unattended.

A Seed & Feed St. Patrick’s

Two years ago we were huddled like green penguins, shifting position to shelter each other from the bitter wind blowing down W. Peachtree Street and passing around the flasks. Last year we stayed at home to keep out of the path of the tornadoes making their way across the city of Atlanta. Well this year we got it right and mustered for the parade at the front door of FAB and of course it didn’t take us long to wander inside.